A local data network without internet

In remote locations without internet, one may still want to work with multiple mobile devices to collect data in the field and be able to synchronize or upload and manage that data on a laptop. This post explains how this can be done with FileMaker Pro.

Table Stitcher : a no-code, documenting, data blending solution

In this text, I will explain a common data problem that the sea turtle researchers at Osa Conservation asked me to solve. The solution is a so-called data blending tool to not just stitch data from multiple tables together, but also to address differences in data formatting, and to keep track and automatically document all modifications in metadata output files.

Introduction to online nature conservation databases. From data to knowledge product.

Since October last year, I collected about 50 online databases related to nature conservation, and about 30 database aggregators. The list is still growing and I am still drowning in this sea of data, but the outlines of that sea are becoming clear. This post sketches those outlines, starting at the point where data is created, and moving towards the point where it is turned into a knowledge product for policy making

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