Introduction to online nature conservation databases. From data to knowledge product.

Since October last year, I collected about 50 online databases related to nature conservation, and about 30 database aggregators. The list is still growing and I am still drowning in this sea of data, but the outlines of that sea are becoming clear. This post sketches those outlines, starting at the point where data is created, and moving towards the point where it is turned into a knowledge product for policy making

Investigating research needs for database development

All database and app design starts with knowing what they are about. What is the purpose, who are the users, which features are needed? In research, the answers are quite specifically shaped by, well, the research and its context. In this post, I will introduce three techniques to answer these questions, and point out why with me you are in good hands.

Monte Alto – biological station for forest regeneration

Forest regeneration has become a hot topic in the recent years. At the Zona Protectora Monte Alto, they have 30 years of experience with it. Located close to Hojancha in the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste, it is not advertised as a biological station, but it appears to have suitable facilities for seminars, teaching and perhaps field work.

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