Introduction to online nature conservation databases. From data to knowledge product.

Since October last year, I collected about 50 online databases related to nature conservation, and about 30 database aggregators. The list is still growing and I am still drowning in this sea of data, but the outlines of that sea are becoming clear. This post sketches those outlines, starting at the point where data is created, and moving towards the point where it is turned into a knowledge product for policy making

The power of notes in research data

Very few research databases or data collections that are being populated through human labor can do without a field or other opportunity to enter notes. At least five possible uses of notes can be identified. It is important to regularly review the notes to unleash their power.

Databases for nature conservation

A couple of weeks ago, I started making a list of databases for nature conservation. If one searches for nature conservation databases online, one finds them as a hit list of possible databases. It is a start but not an overview. Also, overviews do not show up, or they are very limited. So I started to make a list which I am trying to expand weekly. One can find it here. After a some of hours collecting, a couple of things started to become abundantly clear, which I want share here, as a heads-up for those interested.

Your data hub

You're likely to just start making your data with whatever software seems 'natural' to you. However, hold on for a moment, and consider the near future of your research project. Your table, notebook, network graph, or what have you, may quickly turn into a data hub. Perhaps you should consider a relational database. Basic pro's... Continue Reading →

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