Databases for nature conservation

A couple of weeks ago, I started making a list of databases for nature conservation. If one searches for nature conservation databases online, one finds them as a hit list of possible databases. It is a start but not an overview. Also, overviews do not show up, or they are very limited. So I started to make a list which I am trying to expand weekly. One can find it here. After a some of hours collecting, a couple of things started to become abundantly clear, which I want share here, as a heads-up for those interested. Continue reading Databases for nature conservation

Sea Turtle Research Databases

If you or your NGO is considering starting a new or replacing your current database for sea turtle data, then please check out this initiative. June 2020 At Osa Conservation (where I am currently doing volunteer work), sea turtle research has been going on for at least ten years. Data about the sea turtles, their nests and the hatchlings, is written down in note books during the beach patrols. Later, this data is collected in one or more spreadsheets. Over time, they have produced about 120 different tables. My volunteer work consists of putting the data from about 100 tables … Continue reading Sea Turtle Research Databases